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For Individuals

Living Abroad

Filing taxes while living or working aboard can be a complicated process. At Kathleen M. Egan CPA PLLC, we understand the all the elements involved from where your dependents live, to where residency is, or handling dual residency. If you are an American working overseas, you are still expected to file tax returns to the […]

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Tax Preparation

Tax planning is a year-round process and we are available to consult with you once a year or everyday, depending on your needs. Every individual should consider their retirement, current investments and of course their income when planning on taxes. At Kathleen M. Egan CPA PLLC, you will receive timely, accurate tax consultation and return […]

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Tax Organizer Download

Prepare for your 2018 taxes with our handy tax organizer. You’ll have all of your tax-related information documented in one location so you’re ready for your tax appointment.