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Statutory Agent Service

Accept legal and official documents for your business.

A statutory agent (SA) is the person or legal entity responsible for receiving important legal documents on behalf of your business. Some of these documents may include franchise tax forms, annual reports, renewal reminders, and lawsuit paperwork. The SA will organize said documents and forward them along to the corporation or LLC so that nothing gets lost through the cracks.

What are the benefits of using a third-party statutory agent service?

Added Freedom

Our statutory agent service provides you with a physical address that is always available to accept important legal documents, so you won’t need to worry about missing important paperwork when you’re not at your place of business.

Added Privacy

Designating an SA allows entrepreneurs to receive additional privacy. A statutory agent discretely accepts paperwork on your behalf and adds a layer of privacy between your business and the public because their address, not yours, is listed on the formation of documents.

We take care of everything

Not only will we provide you with our statutory agent services, we will also handle all the paperwork required to set up a statutory agent for your business.

Such a deal!

Many of our truckdriver and expat clients find our statutory agent service to be very convenient and just a fraction of the cost of the LegalZoom SA service. Annual fee is just $100; forwarding postage and other costs which may arise are charged separately.


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