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Business Taxes

Taxes are often the most overlooked and ill-prepared part of the business. When planned for and prepared correctly, every business owner has opportunities to save money and create strong long-term plans for their business. When tax issues are not dealt with using professional and strategic knowledge, a good business can end up with a mess to render the business unsellable or even compromise the personal finances of the owner.

At Kathleen M. Egan CPA PLLC, we take a holistic approach to your taxes. Our open-door policy encourages our clients to come in and talk about taxes long before the April 15 tax return deadline. We strongly advise all business clients to take a pro-active stance by sitting down with us during the year and developing an effective tax strategy that incorporates both business and individual tax issues.

Tax Services

  • Personal and Corporate tax planning
  • Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Representation before Taxing Authorities
  • Pension Plan Reporting
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Tax Organizer Download

Prepare for your 2019 taxes with our handy tax organizer. You’ll have all of your tax-related information documented in one location so you’re ready for your tax appointment.