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Saving Money as a Millennial

May 25, 2015

Although every decade of life has its major expenses, it seems that the 20’s and 30’s hits the bank the hardest. Young people are forced to make major purchases—house, car, wedding, grad schools, student loans—usually on meager incomes. It can be very difficult to make the grade while building up a sold reservoir of capital for a rainy day.

Set Goals and Compile Data

Millennial’s exist in a time period that offers a myriad of tools to help make life easier. Websites like mint.com allow users to keep track of their bank statements, credit cards, retirement accounts, and mortgage payments all in one place. Moreover, it will organize the data in a helpful pie chart that provide users with an accurate snapshot of their fiscal health. Look at the data, and reflect over your goals. And then, make a plan and execute it.

Taking Advantage of E-Commerce

First off, purchasing items online usually results in lower prices and the absence of taxes. Also, many may be surprised to learn that there’re an immense amount of coupon codes online. Before hitting the checkout button, visit the site retailmenot.com, which compiles a discount codes from a variety of retailers. Also, check out slickdeals.net or download the application. Becoming an e-commerce consumer can drastically reduce your bills, and free up capital for the unique expenses a 20 or 30 something might face.

Happy Hour

Part of being young is taking the time to enjoy your youth while it still exists. But it’s best to avoid spending your money on bottle service every Saturday night. Happy hour is a great way to meet people and have fun, while reducing your bar tab. Although, that $200 dollar bottle of Kettle One in the club may have seemed worth it in the moment, you could have bought it for $30 in the store. And you will surely regret the decision later.



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