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Is Accounting Your Calling?

June 17, 2015

So you’ve always liked numbers and you aced your first accounting class in college. The thought of becoming an accountant had to have crossed your mind. Indeed, accounting is one of the most stable professionals, and can be highly lucrative if you can set yourself aside from the pack. But before you can fly you must first stand and walk.

Opening the Door to the Vocation

Education is the key to open the door to accounting. One can start their journey at a community college, technical school, or university. An associate’s degree in accounting can open the door to an entry-level job where you will learn accounting basics, and the fundamentals of business. But to make the big bucks you will want to earn a bachelor’s degree and become a certified CPA. It may require five years of schooling, for a CPA requires 150 credit hours. Also, many compare the difficulty of earning a CPA to passing the bar—so prepare to sweat. But once you’ve earn it, the opportunities are limitless. If you need more school you can also earn an MBA to distinguish yourself from the competition and attempt to make the big bucks.

Four Types of Accountants

If becoming an accountant is your calling, you’ll need to know the four areas of accounting. They are as follows:
• Public accounting—this area of accounting opens up pathways to consulting, tax advisers, bookkeepers, auditors, or forensic accounting. Indeed, this is the broadest field of accounting.
• Management accountants—you are responsible for overseeing a company’s financial data, drafting budgets, and determining strategies for maximizing funds.
• Internal auditor— this involves managing business activities and focus on detecting internal fraud or inefficiencies.
• Government accountants—you are the IRS’s police dog, sniffing out fraud, and exposing criminals.


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